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  • 17-November-2016 Approved Rates of Equipment & Instruments 2016-17
  • 11-November-2016 Notification
  • 08-November-2016 Procurement HI TECH
  • 08-November-2016 Instruments Procurment
  • 08-November-2016 other than HI TECH Procurment
  • 02-November-2016 Regulation of Adhoc Nurses
  • 05-October-2016 Approved Rates of Medicines.pdf
  • 17-August-2016 Comparative Statement MCC 2016-17
  • 02-July-20161st Quarter 2016 DHIS report is published   available online
  • 26-July-2016Data Regarding 2nd Quarter 2016 has been freezed to prepare 2nd Quarter report.
  • 02-July-2016E-Office will Launched at Directorate very soon, a list of Users / Sections provided to e-office Tech: Team for implementation.
  • 20-July-2016PC-I of DHIS Project Phase II (2016-17 to 2019-20) has been prepared & submitted to department.
  • 20-July-2016PC-IV (Completion Report of the Project) has been submitted.
  • 28-July-2016E-Office Accounts have been created, VPN confguration is carried out for DG, DHS And Director Admin, Training is due.

The Vision of District Health Information System DHIS is to improve the health care services through evidence based management health service delivery.


The primary objective of DHIS is to provide Key Routine health information from the health facilities for evidence based management and performance improvement of the District Health System.


The District Health Information Software (DHIS) is used in more than 40 countries around the world. DHIS is an open source software platform for reporting, analysis and dissemination of data for all health program.

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